Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

Our vision is to bring the spirit of awakening through revival. To see the Word of God put into action and fulfilled through continual revival services.

Mission Station

Our mission is to see people from all walks of life come into the full knowledge of how to have a lifelong relationship with their Father in Heaven, with full assurance of His love for them, by sharing the gospel of Christ.

We seek to see hearts turn back to the Father in Heaven and in return see the hearts of earthly fathers turn to their children and the hearts of the children turn back to their earthly fathers. The result will be generational blessings and generational revival fire burning in the hearts of God’s sons and daughters. This will bring an end to fatherless generations.

We seek to see Jesus save souls, change lives, and instill “on earth as it is in heaven” by establishing God’s kingdom principles in the lives of his children through teaching biblical truths.

Our mission, through revival services, is to see lives forever changed by the transforming love of Jesus so that our Father in Heaven receives all the glory and honor.